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World Directory of Rigid-Wing Ultralight Trikes
Unconfirmed Aircraft

The following are either "on-going projects", or are aircraft seen but not identified. Can you help provide further information ?

The list below is currently in no particular order.

Aircraft Wing Trike / Engine Location Web Notes
Axxess Axxess bamboo
Lithuania Under construction in 2010: Linas Cesnuleviciuss
Exxtacy Junkers Exxtacy Junkers carbon fibre
electric ?
Switzerland Trike website Under construction in 2010: Rolf Muller
Unknown Exxtacy 125cc USA ? Youtube Video features two trikes both prone. More information requested.
Unknown Exxtacy
Unknown Atos
Unknown Exxtacy Northwind AFT USA ?

For comments on this list please email colin.watney (at) gmail.com