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World Directory of Rigid-Wing Ultralight Trikes

The following aircraft have been produced by established aircraft manufacturers and are currently available for purchase

The list below is currently in no particular order.

Aircraft Wing Trike / Engine Location Web Notes
red Silent Family Atos VR Silent Family
Germany Website
Total number flying unknown
red Silent Family Atos VR 190 es-trike
or electric
Germany Website
Elestricsports, Ostrach, Germany
660402foil Atos VR 190 Alloy / GRP
flyengine f200
or electic
Czech Republic
October 2010
Developed in conjunction with A-I-R
Atos Trike Atos VR 190 Atos trike
flyengine f200
or electic
April 2012
Website Released at Friedrichshafen airshow April 2012.
Piuma + Exxtacy Exxtacy Piuma
Cisco C-Max
Italy Youtube Piuma trike inspired by the Alize.

The following trike manufacturers, have developed aircraft in collaboration with owners.

Aircraft Wing Trike / Engine Location Web Notes
Atos DragonFly Atos VX DragonFly
Germany DragonFly Germany DragonFly agent for Germany: Rainer Lammertz.
Electric motor option also available.

The following aircraft, developed by manufacturers, are no longer in production.

Aircraft Wing Trike / Engine Location Web Notes
TK-S Exxtacy or Atos Airmax
Spain Website Manufacturer: Christobal Aramanda. Several models produced using 2-stroke & 4-stroke engines. Current production status unknown.

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