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World Directory of Rigid-Wing Ultralight Trikes
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In the UK an aircraft under 115Kg without pilot or fuel may qualify for the Single Seat De-Regulated catagory. Aircraft in this classification are required to be registered with the CAA.

In the USA the Part 103 - Ultralight Vehicles regulation covers single seat aircraft up to 254 pounds (115Kg) empty wieght.

In Australia, where the term "nanolight" was coined, aircraft below 70Kg empty weight do not require registration.

In France the classication is know as PULMA (Planeurs Ultra Legers`a Motorisation Auxiliaire). Single seat aircraft up to 300Kg MTOW or 315Kg if fitted with a parachute do not require registration. The Appulma Association Francais provide detailed information about the regulation and many good links to some of the lightweight aricraft available.

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The Exxtacy wing was designed by Felix Ruehle and built by Flight Design in Germany. The company is still in business but no longer make hang glider wings, having opted to concentrat on light aircraft. Their Exxtacy brochure invited the reader to "fly their dreams".

Information for tuning the exxtacy wing was published in a repair manual published by Vulture Squadron Productions in 2004.

Felix Ruehle further developed his design in creating the Atos family of gliders for A.I.R.

The OZ Report carries an interview with Felix Ruehle talking about the ATOS as the sucessor to the Exxtacy.

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Alize Delta Trikes Aviation are the french manufacturer of the Alize trike. NB They do not feature the trike on their website.
Alize UK importer DTA (UK) Ltd.
Northwing AFT Popular simple lightweight trike. Made in USA
DragonFly Designed by Flylight UK, the Dragonfly is the best selling lightweight trike in the UK available with electric, 2-storke or 4-stroke Bailey engine.
DragonFly German agent.
DragonFlyCanadian agent.

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Bailey Aviation UK Manufactures of highly respected engines for paramotors and ultralight aircraft.
lightweight engines This French site gives an excellent list of engines suitable for ultralight aircraft

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Discussion Groups

Rigid Wing Trike Discussions relating to the design or ownership of a Rigid Wing Trike.
103legaltrikes Yahoo group for sub 254lb aircraft in USA.
RigidWing All about Rigid Wing Hang Gliders.
NanolightTrikers General discussions re nanolight trike flying in Austrlia.
BMAA BMAA "Push to talk" Forums for Single-Seat Deregulated microlights.

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Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory Hundreds of useful links to aviation websites

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Aranda Paramotor in Spain produce an excellent trike which is available with either the Exxtacy or ATOS VR wing.

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