The Alizé Trike

The Alizé trike has flown for many years in France and has gained a reputation as the best ‘nanolight’ available.

It promises a very different sort of flying, taking off and landing in 30M, climbing at a respectable 550 ft/min and using a large hang glider wing promises to give a glide ratio of 10:1 with the engine off, perfect for catching thermals and soaring.

The adjustable hammock system allows a pilot of any size, to be comfortable while keeping the trike’s centre of gravity as low as possible.

The trike is light and compact, and is conveniently foldable, making transport and storage easy.

It is assembled by DTA, one of the most respected names for trikes in France, with the same attention to detail as their other European and French Championship models. They also provide an efficient post sale customer support service via their English partner, DTA(UK) in Kent.

The Alizé can be easily equipped with the Cors Air engine, highly respected in the Paramotor world, which together with a specifically designed Newton propeller making a perfect power unit for this little trike.

Finally, DTA (UK) Ltd recommend the Aeros 15M Discus wing, made specifically for light trike operation and comes complete with a suitable hanging bracket.

Complete aircraft, ready to fly, from Ł7,995

Technical Specification and Performance

Alizé Trike

Empty weight86 Lbs (39Kg)
Track width4.8 feet (1,46 m)
Wheelbase4.8 feet (1,46 m)
FrameSteel, 30CD4, alloy 2017 and 6061
Cantilever Vertical beam 2017Secured by ‘textile strap’
Seated (Hammock)Polyester tissue 210 g – seat belt
Wheels on ball bearings300 diameter
Front Mud guardPolyester
Throttle and stop ignitionFastened / right-handed
Fuel Tank (detachable jerrycan)10 litres (2˝ hours flight)
Breakdown size5'8" x 2'5" x 2'1" (173x71x64cms)

Engine - Cors Air

Single cylinder – 2 strokeBore 65mm x Stroke 52mm
Cylinder172.5 cc
Maximum engine power24 HP to 7400rpm
Poly V Belt, Reduction ratio1 : 2.5
CarburettorDiaphragm & 4 blade reed valve
StarterElectric (optional)


Alan Newton48" x 26"

Wing - Aeros Discus Model T

Wing area14.7M
Wing span10.3M
Breakdown Length5.2M / 4.2M
Double Surface85%
Min Airspeed18 - 19mph
Max Airspeed55mph
Best Glide11.9 : 1

Calculated Performance

Maximum speed55 mph
Stall speed20mph
Cruising speed40/45 mph
Maximum climb rate550 feet /min at 30 mph
Take off and Landing30M


East Lynne, Woodchurch Road, Tenterden, Kent. TN30 7AD
Tel: 01580 764899